Ordering Background Information

We, Hannelore and Gunivortus (Guus) have become a bit older now, we’re retired for quite some years, and decided, to slowly reduce selling books ourselves. This means that, if a book is out of stock, we do not order new supply.

Not in stock

For books that we don’t have in stock anymore, at the pages with the information of a book,  “Order’ buttons lead to either the online shop of our publisher, or to a by us favored online shop who delivers worldwide. It depends where you live, because our publisher delivers only to countries in Europe. That is why you will see there two “Order” buttons.

In stock

For books that we have still in stock, at the end of a book-information page, there’s an order form. If that is filled out and sent off, we’ll get it, and will reply by email in which we give you the payments details. Once your payment has arrived us, we’ll pack and send the ordered book off. Of course then auto(r)graphed and with a short dedication.


Books that we send within Germany are postage-free.
Shipping costs apply to books that we send to addresses in other countries. Those costs depend on the weight and the respective tariffs of the postal service providers.


For orders from inside the European Community, we strongly prefer ‘banktransfer‘ payment; this Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in Euro. For these payments no fees are to be paid. Payments are quite fast handled.
For order coming from all other countries we offer PayPal payments.
We do not support other forms of payment.


In addition to the printed editions, some of our books also have e-books, but for technical reasons we cannot offer them.
Both our German publisher (https://www.bod.de/buchshop/) and online bookstores in many countries with our books in their range can also deliver the available e-books accordingly.